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Wood Siding - Gets a Bad Name

Updated: May 28, 2018

The number one attribute people look for, in finished products, is low maintenance. There is still a stigma out there that wood siding is low maintenance and it's my parents fault.

About 15 years ago my parents decided that they wanted to re-side their home. The siding they had was dated both in terms of style as well as colour and they wanted to freshen it up. They absolutely loved the look of Board & Batten and especially in wood.

My brother-in-law is a pretty great guy and offered to install the product for them. He's a plumber, so obviously qualified to install siding, but all kidding aside he is pretty handy. The issue wasn't his ability but his knowledge of the product.

Where did it all go wrong? Right from the very beginning mistakes were made. Everybody likes to save money and so do my parents. So, when they found some pine that was a little dark in colour and a little green at a bargain price they jumped at it. It's being stained with a solid colour, so who cares if it isn't perfect.

So now we have unstained wet wood being ripped into the appropriate size boards and battens. A quick stain on the one side, time to dry and up they went. No need for furring strips, proper ventilation of properly sealed wood. Needless to say, it took about two years for the siding to look pretty bad and this is the reason wood siding gets a bad name. Well this example and a multitude of similar examples.

“ Right from the very beginning mistakes were made. Everybody likes to save money and so do my parents.”

Pre-Finished Wood Siding

There is a huge difference between the example above and a product like maibec Genuine Wood Siding. My parents bought a green pine product that was drenched and then proceeded to install it completely incorrectly. maibec is a product manufactured in a controlled environment, under stringent conditions and quality control that has explicit installation parameters (like adhering to Building Code) and a warranty to back it all up.

maibec controls the entire manufacturing process from the felling of the trees right until it ends up in their distributors yard. They make use of every aspect of the wood fiber to ensure nothing is wasted (they are one of the largest manufacturers of wood mulch). The product is properly dried and stabilized and then the top grade is sent to their siding mill as maibec is also a manufacturer of dimensional lumber. Once in the mill the product is profiled, inspected, stained, inspected, dried, inspected, stained again, inspected, dried again, inspected and then packaged.... while being inspected. There are so many inspection stations that it is very rare a flawed product arrives at a homeowner's yard. Typically, if there is a problem it might be damage that occurs during transit. This is good stuff.

maibec has very reasonable but stringent guidelines that must be adhered to in order to maintain a warranty. These are to ensure the longevity of the product both in terms of performance as well as aesthetics. All of this is backed by a very strong warranty.

Speaking of warranties make sure you read them when doing comparisons. A lifetime warranty that's pro-rated doesn't compare to a 50-year warranty that isn't.

maibec is low maintenance and there is nothing in their warranty that states you ever have to put a brush to the product again. So, why would you? Well, maybe your tastes have changed and you want a different colour or maybe you made a bad choice in terms of colour for your environment. Mystery Black on an island in the Georgian Bay, with three trees, is going to fade. It just is.

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